Relevance To Position

First off, I want to say that I’m am the smartest candidate ever. The best programmer. And I am more relevant to you, Mr/Ms. hiring manager than any other candidate is or will ever be. I am the greatest thing since life spread.

Me waving hi

Just kidding. Of course not. There are many people out there to learn from and I am far from the best. There’s always more for me to learn.

As for how relevant I will be at a company. It totally depends on the company culture and me, and it is not something I can say I know until I am in it. What I will ask to those who are be interested in me is “What is my first action item?” I’m eager to prove I’m great at what I do and have the willingness to learn. I’d say the best hiring method is to hire people for a day, and see if they are good. If so, hire for a week. If they are still good, then try 6 months. After that, hire full time. Full steam ahead!