Whack A Mole

For Spring 2020 Digital Systems II, the final project (lab7) was a game of Whack-a-Mole, written in Verilog. It consists of a

Prerequisite Tracker

A mind mapping flow chart tool for college students. Draw out your course flow based on your major requirements. See which seq

Forward Follow Up

The most memorable lecture in the 1-unit seminar “ENG98 Strategies for Securing an Engineering Job” at UC Davis du

Gmail Draft Duplicator

While thinking up my Email Followup System, I considered the need to duplicate Gmail drafts. I also wanted to build a Gmail ex


SnapLights is an EE-Emerge project I worked on throughout my 2nd year at UC Davis. In short, we (the team) build a Tic-Tac-Toe

Squirrel Tracker

The Story:Squirrels are terrorizing the student farm, killing valuable vegetables. Our team has a solution. Now farmers can kn

Bike Mounted Journey Tracker

In my Freshman year at UC Davis, sitting in the dorm, I decided to take part in the NXP Rapid Prototype challenge sponsored by

Job Applicant Qualities That Matter

I think companies care about: Projects Degree Work Experience Relevance to a Position Personality/Attitude Confidence

Safari Extension Alternatives to Chrome

I like Safari Browser on macOS because it is much more private than Chrome and it has a great reader view. However, Chrome is

Tri-City Band Corps Documentation

In my high school years, near the end of my term as a tech officer at Tri-City Band Corps, I thought it would be effective to